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"The 10 tracks of the new album "From The Bestiary To The Leathering Room" show us Canadian Big John Bates has left his roots in metal and psychobilly behind for the world of rock'n’roll, country, gothic, punk rock and blues they call "Americana Noir". Of course the bottom line is what gets in your ears and that is a dark, rocking mix of styles; punk-ish at times and other times country-esque. Dominating the rhythmic, earthy sound is John’s multifaceted guitar playing and Brandy’s dynamic upright bass. Both alternate on lead vocals, Bates with his dark, whisky-tanned voice while his female counterpart Brandy sings in a voice that reminds me of an infernal fusion of Patti Smith and Siouxsie Sioux." - Roadtracks Magazine

“Battered Bones is a wonderful mix of roots rock, Americana, blues and an invigorating syringe of rock’n'roll. Songs like Wide Open Blues, the purely instrumental Battered Bones, Circadian Rhythm and Glossilalia have a delicious sound, like whiskey rinsing out a dusty throat on an abandoned highway. Adding distorted guitars to the dark-.‐colored roots sound completes this cinematic head-.‐trip to remote corners of the American West, to abandoned dives and tiny graveyards along the way. The only drawback of this fascinating disc is that it ends too soon." - Hooked on Music